Bibliography…A Work In Progress

Today I’m going to start accumulating my bibliography of research for the book. I have a Word document on my computer but I think it is a good idea to post the literature on my blog instead. Far from the prying eyes of academic supervisors, the following list is inconsistently based around the Chicago Manual of Style.

Adams, D. W. Education for Extinction. 1995.

Adams, Howard. “Tortured People” (Penticton: Theytus Press, 1995, 2000).

—–. “Challenging Eurocentric History,” in Expressions in Canadian Native Studies, ed. Ron F. Laliberte et al., 41-53 (Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan ExtensionPress, 2000).

—–. “The History of the Métis Nation” (1936) in French. Translated in 1982. Based on interviews of the participants and witnesses of the Métis rebellion in 1885.

Ahern, William H. The Returned Indians. 1983.

Bourgeault, Ron. “Louis Riel: Hero of his People?” In Expressions of Native Studies, ed. Ron F. Laliberte et al., 222-26. Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan Extension Press. 2000.

——-. “The Struggle for Class and Nation: The Origin of the Metis in Canada and the National Question.” In 1492-1991: Five Centuries of Imperialism and Resistance, ed. Ron Bourgeault et al., 153-88. Socialist Studies, vol. 8 and 9 (Winnipeg: Society for Socialist Studies, Fernwood Publishing. 1992.) (U of C)

Brogden, Mike. Law and Criminal Labels: The Case of the French Metis in Western Canada (1990).

Campbell, Marie. Halfbreed (New York: Saturday Review Press, 1973).

Child, Brenda.  A Bitter Lesson. 1993.

Elis, Clyde. 1996. To Change Them Forever. 1996.

Coleman, Michael C. American Indian Children at School, 1850-1930. 1993. 

Department of Indian Affairs, National Archives of Canada, RG 10 Bluebooks, Item 50, March 12 1935.

Department of Indian Affairs, Interior, Agriculture, and Northwest Mounted Police. Canadian Sessional Papers, 1890s and thereafter into the early twentieth century.

Devine, Heather. “The People Who Own Themselves” (Calgary: University Press, 2004).

Elis, Clyde. 1996. To Change Them Forever. 1996.

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Hyer, 1990.

Lindsey, 1995.

Lowmawaima, 1993 and 1994.

Malmsheimer, 1987.
McBeth, 1984.
Olive, Dickason.  Canada’s First Nations (1992a) Toronto: McClelland and Stewart.

Palud-Pelletier, Noelie. Louis: Fils des Prairies (1983) trans. In 1990 and 2005 (Pemmican Publications)

Poirier, Thelma. The Bead Pot (Pemmican Publications).

Ray, Arthur J. “Periodic Shortages, Native Welfare, and the Hudson’s Bay Company, 1670-1930.” In Shepard Krech (ed.) The Subarctic Fur Trade. (Vancouver: University of B.C.  Press) and Trade In The Industrial Age. (Toronto: University Press).

Szaszy, 1977.

Trennart, 1988.

Wall, Denis. The Alberta Metis Letters: 1930-1940 policy review and annotations (U of C)

Welsh, Christine. “Voices of Our Grandmothers: Reclaiming Metis Heritage,” Canadian Literature 131 (1991): 15-24

——. Keepers of the Fire (Montreal: National Film Board, 1994) with Christine and Signe Johansson (producers) and Norma Bailey (director), Women in the Shadows (National Film Board and Direction Films, 1993).


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