First thoughts on chapter sketch

1. St. Denis/Fleury migration of 1872. The Metis settlement at the St. Laurent de Grandin Mission, near Ft. Carlton, on the Western S. Saskatchewan River, numbered 322, according to the 1871 HBC census of the area.

2. Instead of relocating more permanently to Batoche with the rest of the growing community, the St. Denis family migrated south to Montana via Cypress Hills; Marie-Louis St. Denis born along the way.

3. The abject poverty of the St. Denis family forced them to give up their children to US Residential school system; Marie-Louise St. Denis to Chemawa.

4. Marie-Louise St. Denis left Chemawa, and married Thomas Fleury in Montana.

5. Marie-Louise and Thomas Fleury moved to Alberta and lived in hiding from the Canadian government, knowing the aim of social services c1900 was to ‘integrate’ Indians into settler society. Flora Fleury, among a dozen or so surviving children, born in St. Paul, Alberta.

7. Marie-Louise Fleury took her daughter Flora Fleury to Calgary to marry a Chinese man named Kimmie Yee (in previous chapters weave his story of immigration to Canada and life in Calgary to this meeting).

8. Start family in Calgary: April and Tookson are born. Family moved to RMH… 


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